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A destination for curated brands


Hay Carmo is a curated fashion and lifestyle shop-in-shop. Right in the heart of Chiado, Lisbon. 

With an interior design to be practical and beautiful, our goal is to offer to brands the best environment to show its products.

Visual merchandising is king at Hay Carmo. 

Our values

The space has two floors. The main ground area and a more private all white room in the second floor.

To support the concept, we have an in-house bar with a range of drinks and floor to offer the clients also a chilled out moment while shopping or just wondering around. In addiction Hay Carmo has an outdoor area with tables and chairs to seat outside and enjoy the good Lisbon weather.

The outside area is the location for the monthly events to promote curated food, drinks, art or new cool products.

Our additional services

The concept is to help and support brands all the way possible, not only offering a beautiful and well located space but also understanding their needs and trying to bring solutions. The Studio, that’s why we also have a small photography studio to support brands to create their content. We understand how important having good content is and how difficult is to have the structure to constantly produce it. Therefore we can help not only producing it but with all the concept and graphic design needed. The Showroom, the second floor is a flexible area for whenever a brand needs, like a showroom space or a private room for specific period.


Right in the heart of Chiado!

Tv. do Carmo 1C, Lisboa.

How we work?

Feel free to drop us a line and we will give you more details. Let's chat.

A curated fashion and lifestyle shop-in-shop. Right in the heart of Chiado, Lisbon.

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